Donghae - One Shot

Synopsis: As a student, you’ve always struggled with math, and after a bad day, you think things can’t get worse. When they do though, Donghae is there to help you get through it.

Rated: No

Genre: Fluff

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I finished my last request over at SJOS. It’s kind of crazy that it’s over.

Anyway, it’s a smutty Hae fic, which seems appropriate lol. Lots and lots of teasing and foreplay tehe~


If you like Donghae, you’ll want to read the latest fic I posted over at SJOS. I got really carried away with it so it’s kind of long, and it’s kind of sort of super delicious smut keke~


I wrote some fluffy Donghae a few days ago over at SJOS.


Collab: Part 3




Part 1

Part 2


Warning: Smut (It jumps right into it, too.)

“We had a great time,” you said, trying not to sound flustered. You smoothed your hair out nonchalantly, trying to cover up that you almost had sex with Yesung just now. You cleared your throat.

Kyuhyun nodded. “That’s good. Yesung can be weird sometimes,” he said.

“Yah!” Yesung hurled the couch cushion at Kyuhyun’s face then shoved him out of the way. He stalked away, probably headed toward the bathroom to finish what you’d started.

“Oh, is she in there?” Leeteuk turned the corner and popped inside of the room. “I was looking for you. Are you busy right now? There was something I needed to talk to you about. Come with me.”

You jumped up and followed him to his room. He closed the door behind you and sat down. He patted the spot beside him on the bed. You were unsure of what was going on, but you sat anyway.

“Listen, __________, we have all really enjoyed having you over. Tonight is your last night, and tomorrow you leave. We have some special activities this evening that you’re supposed to participate in with us. Is that alright? It’s part of the contest,” Leeteuk explained, leaning toward you.

He was so beautiful in person. You sometimes couldn’t believe that he was the leader with his almost child-like appearance and jovial smile. He always seemed so bright and happy, and he definitely didn’t look his age. You watched his mouth move, entranced by his lips. You’d never realized just how perfect they were.

“It’ll be fun. We’ll at least try to make it fun, okay?” He winked.

You blinked and looked away, realizing he’d caught you staring. You could feel your cheeks burning. “Well, as long as it’s fun, I think I’ll be fine,” you mumbled. “I’m not very good in front of cameras usually.”

“No cameras here,” Leeteuk said, voice soft. He lifted your chin and lowered his lips to yours, barely making contact. His breath tickled your skin as he traced up your cheeks with his fingers. “You know,” he whispered between kisses on your jawline, “I thought we were so lucky to get such a gorgeous girl to stay with us.” He grinned, pausing for a moment in thought. “It’s fortunate that you won the contest,” he said before turning back to your neck.

Your breath was heavy as he sucked and kissed the same spot over and over. His tongue lapped and circled, drawing louder gasps from you.

There was a knock at the door, and you pulled apart quickly. Your body felt warm with embarrassment at the possibility of getting caught on your last night. You lifted your hand instinctively to the spot where Leeteuk’s lips had been moments before as Donghae stepped into the room.

“Oh, sorry, hyung. I didn’t realize you were in here,” he said.

“It’s okay. We’re just talking. Is there something you need?” Leeteuk asked.

“It’s just that everyone is watching a movie, and I can’t seem to find a place to relax. I thought you were gone or something. I can leave.” Donghae waved to you with a small smile. “Oh, I meant to tell you earlier that you look really pretty today, ___________.”

You blushed harder. “Thanks,” you said.

“You’re welcome,” he said with a grin. “Oh, and hyung, please don’t forget to not mention what we talked about earlier today. I don’t really want that person to know what I said.”

Leeteuk nodded, obviously in thought. “But why not? It’s her last night here, you know,” he said. “Just tell her.”

You knew he was talking about you, but you weren’t sure what Donghae could have said about you that he wouldn’t want you to know. Was it something mean or rude? “What is it?” you asked.

Donghae closed the door and sat down beside you to your left. “Um, ____________, I was telling, uh, Leeteuk earlier about how pretty you are,” he said, the stammer in his words showing how nervous he was.

You bit your lip and reached for his hand, hoping to calm him down.

It seemed to have the right effect since he spoke next with more confidence. “I know we don’t know each other all that well, but I really like you.” He leaned over and kissed you on the lips. His tongue glided across your lower lip, teasing you. The kiss was gentle but unyielding, and his hand cupped your face. “If that’s alright with you,” he said, pulling away.

You gulped and turned toward Leeteuk, feeling confused. He nodded encouragingly. You leaned back into Donghae and kissed him again. He reacted, lips moving against yours with enthusiasm. He held your face close and parted your lips with his tongue.

You felt hands on your shirt as Leeteuk began to unbutton your shirt, one by one. He slid your shirt off your right shoulder, and his lips pecked lightly at your skin. He wandered up your shoulder toward your neck, each kiss getting hotter. He swept your hair aside and began to suck at the tender skin at the nape of your neck.

You gasped into Donghae’s mouth, deepening the kiss. His hand drifted down your body to your pants. His fingers toyed with you, slipping underneath the waistband and drawing circles on your skin. Your breath was ragged, you could feel it, as Donghae finally tugged at your pants. You lifted your butt so he could remove them.

At the same time, Leeteuk had completely discarded your shirt and continued to kiss at your back and shoulder. His hand slipped underneath your bra in the front and cupped your breast, squeezing.

Donghae palmed your core through your panties just as Leeteuk brushed your nipple, and you moaned into Donghae’s mouth. Your body was on fire with the way the two of them touched and teased you. You gasped and moaned as each became more aggressive. It was like they were competing suddenly to elicit the best reaction.

Leeteuk’s fingers circled and tweaked your nipple, constantly changing his pace. Donghae’s fingers pushed aside the barrier of your panties, and his fingers were nimble as he began to stroke your clit slowly then faster. Your breath was hot on Donghae’s shoulder as you rested your forehead on it. He kissed the top of your head.

Leeteuk finally removed your bra and reached around to cup both breasts at the same time. His lips never left your shoulder. He bit and nipped at the skin, branding you. The pads of his fingers tickled the undersides as he thumbed your nipples. His nail scraped the tender skin, and you almost screamed. But it was Donghae’s fingers moving faster against your clit, curling and eliciting more cries from your lips, that made you come, hard and fast.

You were dizzy with pleasure as you rode out your orgasm. It was almost too much for you to handle as Donghae brought your lips up to his again. Leeteuk squeezed your hand, hand draped around your waist, and you arched into the touch of his other hand, still on your breast. His lips were suddenly tender against your shoulder. The haze of your climax cleared, and Donghae pecked at your forehead.

“I guess tonight’s activities won’t be this fun, will they?” you asked, trying to catch your breath.

Leeteuk chuckled, voice humming against your skin. “I don’t think so.”

“That doesn’t mean we can’t have a send-off like this tomorrow morning,” Donghae said with a mischievous smirk.

You giggled. This prize had been better than any you had expected.


I hope it was a good ending and that it wasn’t too short. I have a lot of Donghae feels lately, especially after SM the Performance OTL

-Lexi <3333

So I wrote some nice Donghae smut over at SJOS a few days ago.



Eunhyuk X Donghae - Part 3



Warning: This is smut. Lots and lots of delicious smut. Proceed with caution.

Also this is NOT a pairing fic. I repeat, NOT a pairing fic. This is a threesome fic.


Part 1

Part 2


My apologies again. This is ultra-long, but just think of it as being more smut for you to enjoy. I certainly did. ;)


You soon found yourselves eating jajjangmyun in silence. “I guess we were all hungry,” you said, taking a pause. “No one is talking.”

Eunhyuk looked up at you at the sound of your voice and chuckled. He took a napkin and wiped your chin. You had apparently gotten sauce on it.

You blushed. “I’m so messy when I eat.” You looked down at your noodles.

 “It’s cute,” he said and grinned. “You’re cute,” he added emphatically.

You blushed harder, not knowing what to say.

 “I thought you were cute first,” Donghae said.

You whipped your head around to look at him, eyes wide, and he just smiled at you brightly.

“When you walked into the dressing room, I was so surprised. You’re gorgeous,” he said.

It was beginning to physically hurt because you were blushing so hard.

“No, I was! I’m not usually one to just go up to fans, but when I saw you looking so cute and lost, I had to talk to you,” Eunhyuk added.

You were confused, totally happy with the compliments but confused. “It’s not a competition,” you said with a smile. “But thank you. No one ever tells me that.”

The guys looked at each other. “Well, it sort of is a competition,” Eunhyuk explained, rubbing the back of his neck. “We both like you, and that’s what we were arguing about earlier. I think I should get you since I was the first to talk to you and bring you around everyone.”

“Yeah, but I was the one who brought the subject at all because I obviously like you even more than he does,” Donghae said, not losing for one second.

You laughed. “I’m not a piece of meat, you know,” you said after a beat.

It was their turn to blush. “Well, why don’t you pick then? That way we don’t have to feel like we’re competing,” Donghae suggested. “I mean, I like you a lot, but Eunhyuk is my best friend, and I don’t want to fight over a girl.”

You nodded, staring at your food in silence. You felt really bad for coming between them. It just didn’t seem right. “I’m sorry,” you said when you finally spoke. “I wish you weren’t arguing about me because you’re best friends, and I love that! I would never want to come between you so I don’t think I can pick. It doesn’t seem right. Plus, I really do like both of you. I can’t pick.”

Everything fell silent, the two nodding in understanding and you sulking.

“Well, are you two done with your food?” you asked, your appetite shot from the conversation.

They nodded so you picked up their plates to clean them up and put outside for the delivery people to come by and pick up. When you walked back in, the guys had moved over to the couch and now seemed to be talking again, no doubt about you again. You sighed. This was the core of your fantasies, but in real life it was just so frustrating because you didn’t want to get between their friendship.

“We came to a conclusion,” Eunhyuk said.

“Oh, what?” you asked, thinking they’d just been arguing again.

Donghae started, “Well, the thing is that we both still want you.”

“But I can’t pick. Really. I’ve always liked both of you. I swear. From the beginning, I liked both of you,” you said quickly, shaking your head.

“Hear us out,” Eunhyuk said, stopping you. “What about both of us? Together?”

Your eyes grew wide. “But I don’t know,” you said hesitantly.

“We’re both in full agreement on this. After this, I’m sure you can make your decision,” Donghae added.

You paused to think about it. It really seemed like a no-brainer. They suggested it, and both agreed so there was nothing to lose.

“What do you think?” Donghae asked after a beat.

You nodded, not saying anything.

Eunhyuk leaned in and kissed your cheek gently. “I assume that’s a yes,” he said, brushing his lips down your chin.

You nodded again. “I’m just kind of in shock. I don’t really know what to say,” you replied.

Donghae laughed, reaching for the buttons on your sweater. “Don’t worry about it.”

Your ultimate fantasy was about to come true. Your skin burned. You weren’t sure if it was from the way Eunhyuk’s lips moved against you, Donghae’s hands wandering your body, or just from embarrassment.

Donghae’s fingers reached the hem of your shirt. He rolled it up slowly, his cold fingers giving you chills wherever they went.

Eunhyuk pulled away long enough for Donghae to discard your shirt. You stopped them both.

“Are you sure you’re both okay with this?” you asked again.

Eunhyuk glanced at Donghae, and both nodded. “Relax. Just enjoy it. That’s all we want,” he said and resumed kissing you, this time capturing your lips in his. He turned your head to face his, and his tongue flicked your mouth open, tasting you.

But you couldn’t ignore Donghae, who now held your nipples in his mouth. You didn’t even realize your bra had disappeared at some point. His tongue swirled around your nipple, drawing sensuous circles that only elicited a moan. Eunhyuk growled, refusing to be one-upped. He pulled away, and Donghae laid you down on the couch, kneeling beside you as he continued his ministrations.

Eunhyuk moved to your jeans, unbuttoning them and removing them with your panties in one fluid motion. He kissed your knees first, sucking and biting as he went. Then his lips trailed to your inner thighs. It felt like he was almost slowing down with the way he teased you.

You felt a moan slip past your lips as his mouth drew closer and closer to your core. It was so hard to concentrate with Donghae’s attention to your breasts and now Eunhyuk closing the distance to your clit. He kissed it gently, his tongue starting softly and slowly. He deftly stroked it, speeding up and slowing down. Your chest heaved, and Donghae kissed you ardently, his tongue parting your lips. But his hand never left your chest neglected; his fingers tweaked and stroked skillfully while his mouth moved against yours, swallowing your every sigh and moan.

Your hands wandered Donghae’s body, feeling every taut muscle on his shoulders, chest, back. You tugged at his shirt, pushing him away so you could fling it across the room. He grinned and kissed you, pecking at your lips gently. You reached for the button on his jeans, undoing and tugging them down with his underwear.

As he kicked them off, you closed your eyes, Eunhyuk’s tongue driving you wild. You gasped aloud, and he looked up at you from between your legs. He smiled, obviously pleased with your reaction. He licked his lips and went down again, more aggressive this time. You held your breath, trying to brace yourself.

Just then, Donghae pulled you in for another kiss. You pulled away and kissed his neck and shoulders, sucking and biting his skin. Your hands roamed his fit body further. When you reached his length, your eyes grew wide.

You pulled away and gasped. Eunhyuk had reached a particularly sensitive spot. You closed your eyes, trying to focus on Donghae. His cock was larger than you expected. You glanced at him appreciatively, and he laughed and kissed you again. Your hands got to work, stroking his length slowly. He was already dripping precum.

Donghae’s breath hitched in his throat. He hissed in your ear, “This was supposed to be about pleasing you.”

You chuckled, swiveling your hand faster and eliciting a moan. You murmured, “Do you really think I would just sit back passively?”

You suddenly couldn’t breathe: Eunhyuk had begun to use his hands. His fingers entered you, and you could feel your muscles quivering as an electricity coursed through your veins, spreading to your every limb faster. You weren’t sure how much more you could take, and it seemed that Donghae was the same way. His breaths were short as your hand moved ever quickly, barely touching his sensitive tip.

Suddenly, your eyes went black with euphoria as Eunhyuk’s dexterous tongue and fingers became too much. You gasped, unable to breathe, feeling heavy and lost in the pleasure. Vaguely, somewhere in the distance, you heard Donghae moan loudly as he came in your hand, the tremor in your hands driving him over the edge.

It seemed like forever before your body could no longer handle the pure pleasure you were in. The high tapered off, and you slowly became aware of Eunhyuk, kissing your thighs and gently nipping at the sensitive skin there. Donghae’s lips messily kissed your neck and chest. You lay there spent of energy and slick with sweat.

Donghae pulled away and wiped his mouth. He sat back on his feet. “That,” he breathed heavily, “was amazing.”

You laughed tired, the sound coming from deep in your chest. “That’s an understatement,” you said, sitting up. You glanced at Eunhyuk, who now stood watching you. “I don’t know how you did that with your tongue, but oh, my god.”

Eunhyuk smiled, shooting a pointed look at Donghae. “All for you of course,” he said, obviously pleased with himself.

“You have too much clothes on,” you said with a laugh, noting that Eunhyuk was the only one still dressed. You stood up and pulled him in for a kiss, your hands and lips moving furiously. You practically ripped his shirt off him.

He chuckled, only to gasp as your lips sucked at his adam’s apple.

You grinned at his reaction, moving down his chest. You couldn’t get enough of his muscular body, and soon the remainder of his clothes had disappeared. You kissed down his body, kneeling before him.

He grabbed your shoulder, stopping you. “Wait, this is supposed to be all about pleasing you,” he said, mirroring Donghae’s earlier statement.

You laughed, rolling your eyes. “What is it with the two of you and thinking I’d just passively sit here and accept all of it? I take great pleasure in pleasing you, too. Besides it doesn’t seem like you don’t want this,” you said, winking. You glanced down at his fully erect cock and looked back up at him with a smirk before even doing anything.

He sighed, obviously on edge.

Donghae though refused to stand by and be bested by Eunhyuk and moved right behind you, kissing your shoulder and back. “Let’s see how long you can go before I distract you,” he said, holding your hips against his. He wrapped his hands around your waist, one creeping down to where your legs met.

You tensed, simultaneously feeling his fingers just touch your clit and his length brushing your behind. You hummed approvingly as you began to slowly lick Eunhyuk’s cock from the base up, savoring each gasp you managed to elicit from him. You hadn’t even started, and he was already breathing hard. Precum leaked, but you avoided the tip and just teased him. His hips jerked instinctively.

Eunhyuk swore as you finally took him in your mouth. You held your breath, trying not to moan. Donghae’s fingers were like magic; you could already feel yourself getting close to climax. It was a fire spreading from your core and burning through your entire body. You could feel Donghae’s arm flexed against your body. He was basically supporting you with his one arm wrapped around you.

You closed your eyes and focused on the task at hand. You bobbed up and down, pacing yourself. You sucked your cheeks in and hummed, driving Eunhyuk wild with the vibrations. You could feel him quaking, his fingers tangled in your hair. It wouldn’t take much more for either of you to get there.

Then, you swirled your tongue around Eunhyuk’s length, and that did it. He tensed, and the most gorgeous moan tumbled past his lips. You leaned back against Donghae’s body as Eunhyuk came on your chest.

But Donghae wasn’t done. He kissed your neck gently then leaned you forward so that you were on all fours now. He lined up with your entrance and pressed in, and you both gasped at the same time.

As Donghae began to thrust, your limbs quivered, weakened from the previous session. It didn’t take long for either of you to climax, and you thought you were going to collapse from the exertion it took to support yourself through that crest of ecstasy. But Donghae pulled you back up against him, holding you to him while you both rode out orgasms.

It tapered off slowly, and you became aware of Eunhyuk kneeling before you. He kissed you gently. They were feather light against your forehead, cheeks, lips, everywhere. It was such a mix of sensations with Donghae biting and nipping at the skin on your shoulder.

“How was that?” he whispered, once you had fully recovered.

You sighed, speechless. “I don’t even know what to say.”

Eunhyuk chuckled, sitting back on his feet. He brushed the damp hair out of your face. “As long as you enjoyed it,” he said.

“There’s no question of that,” you said breathlessly. You lay down on the carpeted floor, staring up at the ceiling. It was still hard to breathe after all that.

Donghae laughed, sitting next to you. “That’s what matters.”

There was silence except for the sound of the three of you catching your breath.

“How am I even supposed to pick?” you mused aloud. You glanced at them.

They looked at each other and shrugged.

“Maybe another go?” Eunhyuk suggested.


Wow, that took forever to get out there OTL

But I finally finished. Sorry it took so long. Threesomes are incredibly difficult because of positioning. I try not to make any of my threesomes the same, but I have a hard time because there’s only so much you can do lol.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed it. ^__^


Eunhyuk X Donghae - Part 2



Warning: This part is not smut, but this is part of the setup for part 3 which will be lots of smut.

Also this is NOT a pairing fic. I repeat, NOT a pairing fic. This is a threesome fic.




The show was beyond perfect. Everything. Besides the fact that you got to watch from backstage, they themselves had performed flawlessly. It was better than anything you’d ever imagined. The costumes, the singing, the covers, the dancing, the props, all of it was amazing. You’d had high expectations, but the fact that they surpassed them just blew you away.

“What’d you think?” Eunhyuk asked, taking off his mic. The show was officially over, and the guys were about to wrap things up backstage.

You were about to say something when he cut you off with an apology and ran toward the other members.

“Thank you for all of your hard work,” Leeteuk said with a sweaty grin. They all bowed together, and everyone started clapping.

Eunhyuk hurried back. “Sorry,” he said again.

You shook your head. “Nothing to apologize for,” you said with a smile, finally getting over the fact that you’d been having one on one conversations with almost all of the members all night. Even if they were short, like when Sungmin asked you to help him with the weird contraption attached to his costume. It was nice that they were looking at you like a normal person, not just some fan.

But the situation probably lent itself to the fact that you had been freaking out so much that your fangirling had gotten to the point that you came full circle and acted normal. In your brain at first there had been excessive spazzing, but as the night went on, and you talked to more members. It suddenly disappeared, and your brain was silent.

Maybe it was the fact that you couldn’t process your excitement anymore, or it was due to the extremely normal vibe you got from them. Instead of being all jaded like they were seasoned professionals above all of their fans, they were still excited about performing as if it were their debut again.

Kyuhyun called your name, trying to get your attention. At some point, the other members had pulled you into a conversation that you had not been paying attention to at all. Kyuhyun waved his hand in front of your face. “Do you want to come to eat with us or not?”

You jumped, slightly startled. “Sorry,” you said and chuckled nervously.

“How about Eunyuk and I take _____________ out somewhere quick then take her home since she seems so tired?” Donghae suggested. “The rest of you can go somewhere else.”

“No!” you said, cutting them off. “I’m okay. I’ve been a little out of it all day since I had a long train ride. I’ll go out to eat with all of you. Besides, I don’t want to take Donghae and Eunhyuk away from you guys.” You smiled. “I’ll be fine.”

Leeteuk looked at you, concern etched on his face. “Are you sure you’re okay?” he asked.

You nodded quickly. “Yeah, I’ll be fine,” you said through a yawn.

They laughed.

“Maybe Donghae and Eunhyuk should take her home and join us after,” Kangin suggested.

Eunhyuk leaned over to your ear. “We’ll pick up some food on the way, then we’ll bring you home.”

You shook your head. “I’m not actually going home since I live in Daegu, and it’s kind of late. I’m staying at my aunt’s officetel since she’s out of town.”

“Where’s her officetel?” Donghae asked, joining you as the rest of the members headed out.

“Not my officetel,” you corrected, “my aunt’s officetel. I’m from Daegu, but I’m staying there tonight. She’s away on business in America for a month, so she said I can stay there as long as I want.”

Donghae nodded. “So where is it?”

“Oh, it’s in Apgujeong in Gangnam,” you said.

“Whoa, really?” Donghae asked. “That’s near the studio.”

“That’s also one of the nicest areas in the city,” Eunhyuk said.

You shrugged. “I don’t know as much about Seoul since I don’t really come up here that often. I’m always just in Daegu and sometimes Busan since I also have family there. My aunt works for Samsung, so she’s always traveling, especially to America and Europe,” you explained as you exited the arena.

The other members were already outside signing autographs for some of the fans that had waited.

“EUNHYUK-OPPA!” yelled a voice. “DONGHAE-OPPA!”

“We’ll be right back,” Eunhyuk said, grabbing Donghae and pulling him toward the small crowd to sign as well.

You stood back and watched as they all smiled and thanked the fans. Even though they were all really tired, they were really gracious and seemed genuinely happy to be signing autographs for their fans. It was something you loved about Super Junior: how much they loved their fans.

So you just waited, grinning like a fool at them. You couldn’t believe the way your night had gone. You looked down at your feet and hugged yourself. It was cold, and you hadn’t gone back to your seat to get your coat. At least, you had everything else with you. You glanced back at the guys who didn’t seem like they were going anywhere any time soon, so you ran back inside the arena, searching for a security guard.

“Excuse me,” you said. “Where is seat 8H?”

“Why? Did you leave something?” he asked gruffly.

You nodded. “My coat.”

“Check lost and found at the front entrance,” he said. “We’ve already cleaned up everything, so it’ll be over there.”

You thanked him and ran toward the main hallway. It was mostly deserted except for the few people cleaning. You knocked on the lost and found door, and a woman opened the door.


“I left my coat at seat 8H earlier. It’s a navy wool peacoat,” you explained.

“Ah, yes, we have that,” she said and walked away. She returned with your coat. “Is this it?”

You nodded eagerly. “Thank you!”

She smiled and closed the door.

You hurried down the stairs toward the back entrance and just as you turned a corner, you ran smack into Donghae. You yelped and instinctively grabbed him as you lost your balance, pulling him down with you. You closed your eyes as you felt the ground closer. He landed right on top of you, hands on both sides of your head, holding up most of his weight.

You opened your eyes slowly to find Donghae’s face a mere few inches away from yours. You blushed and bit your lip. His own eyes were closed still. He’d probably been scared to hurt you.

“Are you okay?” you asked timidly.

He opened his eyes slowly then laughed. “I think I’m supposed to be the one asking that. I did fall on you,” he said.

“But I pulled you down by accident, so it was my fault still,” you said, trying to stay calm. You could feel his breath on your cheek.

He smiled. “Well, I’m okay as long as you’re okay.”

You nodded, still blushing.

He pushed himself off your body and offered you a hand. You took it and got to your feet. “Where were you running so fast?” he asked.

“Oh, I was just hurrying back to you guys. I didn’t want to make you wait,” you explained.

He nodded. “We were looking for you,” he said. “What happened?”

“I left my coat at my seat so I went to lost and found to get it.”

“I guess you guys are ready to go?” Eunhyuk said, coming around the same corner now wearing a coat. He smiled.

You nodded and glanced up at Donghae. He was grinning at you strangely. You just ignored it and followed Eunhyuk out the door.

“So we’re going to take a taxi since we can’t take the buses or trains,” Eunhyuk said as you walked toward the curb.

“Why can’t you?” you asked, perplexed.

Eunhyuk chuckled awkwardly. “Fans,” he said simply before opening the door for you.

You nodded and got into the waiting cab, scooting into the middle seat. Eunhyuk came in after, and Donghae ran around to the other side so that you were between the two of them. You rattled off your aunt’s address to the driver and tried to ignore the fact that you were pressed up so closely to the two of them.

Your leg felt warm against Eunhyuk’s, and it didn’t help that his hand was right there. You shivered, partially from cold and partially from want. For whom, you weren’t so sure.

“Are you cold?” Eunhyuk asked. Before you could answer, he removed his jacket and draped it over your legs.

“Thanks,” you said, tucking it underneath your calves.

Surprisingly, the ride was not as silent or awkward as you’d expected. Instead, they asked you a lot of questions about yourself, and you asked a lot back, though not as many as they did. You couldn’t believe they found you at all interesting, but they just kept on asking about everything, from your family to school.

“We’re here,” the driver said. It felt like only 5 minutes had passed despite all the talking you had done. Before you could get your wallet out, Eunhyuk had paid, and Donghae had opened the door for you.

You awkwardly slid out of the door, taking Donghae’s proffered hand. “You didn’t have to pay,” you said to Eunhyuk, stepping onto the curb. “Actually, I was planning to pay. Let me at least pay you back.”

Eunhyuk shook his head. “No, it’s fine,” he said.

“So is it this building?” Donghae asked, pointing up at the high-rise behind you.

You looked up and nodded.

“Do you want to order food or find somewhere near by? We could get kimchi fried rice at a place we always go to,” Eunhyuk suggested.

You yawned. “How about we order in?” you asked.

They laughed as you led the way into the building. “You were more tired than you thought,” Donghae said as you walked into the elevator.

You nodded, yawning again. “I guess I was just on adrenaline. You don’t even know how excited I’ve been about coming to see you all in concert,” you said quietly. You could feel your cheeks burning, and their eyes on you only made it worse.

“How long have you been a fan?” Donghae asked.

“Not long actually,” you said. “I kind of didn’t want to listen your music for a long time.” You stared at the floor, avoiding eye contact.

Eunhyuk barked a laugh. “Why?” he demanded. “Are we that terrible?”

“No no no no,” you said, shaking your head profusely. “It’s just that all of my friends liked you, and I didn’t want to just be another crazy fan or anything. But I heard one of your songs by accident in a store—I think it was ‘Bonamana’—and actually liked it.”

“For the record, we don’t think you’re some crazy fan,” Donghae said.

It was your turn to laugh. “I would hope not. You’re taking me home,” you said as you exited the elevator. “I could kidnap you or something.” You walked down the hall, glancing back at them.

They looked at each other and chuckled. “You’re smaller than both of us. I doubt that would happen, even if you were a crazy fan,” Eunhyuk said.

You entered the code to your aunt’s apartment and opened the door, side-eyeing him. “I bet I could totally jump you if I had crazy fangirl super strength,” you said with a glare.

“Well, jumping someone is different than kidnapping them,” Donghae pointed out with a knowing smirk on his face.

You blushed at the sexual innuendo. It wasn’t that you were embarrassed to think about them sexually. You did it all the time, but it was awkward for them to be fully aware of it and now discuss it.

Obviously, you weren’t the only fan to look at them sexually. There were fans all over the world that even posted their sexual fantasies about idols on the internet, via fan fiction, edited photos and. It was hard not to think of them sexually, and you’d always fantasized about Eunhyuk and Donghae. You had stopped yourself all night from thinking about them like that, but all these feelings rushed back to you when you realized the situation.

You were alone in an apartment with two of the sexiest men on earth.

You weren’t really sure how to process that so you shook your head suddenly. “I’ll order some food from a nearby place that my aunt told me about. They’re quick and not too expensive,” you said, changing the subject. “What do you want?”

“I could go for some jajjangmyun,” Donghae said.

You grinned. “I was thinking the same thing.”

Eunhyuk laughed. “I was, too!”

“Jajjangmyun it is!” you exclaimed, picking up the phone. “Feel free to look around,” you said as the phone rang on the other side. “This shouldn’t take long.” Just then, someone picked up. You rattled off your order, and the man said it would be about 10 minutes. You thanked him and hung up.

The guys had wandered off. Your aunt’s apartment was huge, and it had been quite a while since you had last been there, maybe a year or two even. You walked off, looking for them. “Eunhyuk, Dong-” you broke off when you found them in your aunt’s bedroom, arguing heatedly standing across the bed from one another.

They stopped suddenly when you walked in.

“Is everything okay?” you asked and suddenly felt guilty, thinking you were the reason they for their discussion. “Oh, do you want to go out and join the other members? I don’t mind. I know you probably don’t want to hang out with some girl you just met today when you could be with the others.”

Eunhyuk cleared his throat. He shook his head and smiled. “No, I’m happy to be here,” he said.

“Me, too. I would probably be eating too much anyway with them,” Donghae said, jumping in. He grinned widely.

“Okay then. Well, the food should be here in less than 10 minutes if you want to come out here,” you said. You looked between them, still unsure of what was going on, but letting it go.

They looked at each other and moved to follow you out. You were still very curious and confused, especially since they seemed alright all of the sudden. Something was going on, and you wanted to know what it was. You just didn’t know how to ask so you said nothing and chatted mindlessly with them in the living room.


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